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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2012

últimas noticias/latest news/dernières nouvelles

Recent exhibited work

Vues of the piece Statues (she will come back any time soon) exhibited in two art venues in Caen and Lyon, France:

At Gallery Hypertopie, Caen, France:

At  360 m3, Contemporary art association in Lyon, France. In an exhibition called CDD, Contrats à durée determinée.

Other works installed at CDD (Contrats à Durée Determinée) Exhibition:

Welcoming piece
Fortune cookies purchased at the chinese market, Guillotière - Lyon.

 In process...

Work Life
Performance - publication

For the opening night of the exhibition i did a performance that consisted in talking with people about their work life, meanwhile i was taking notes about their experiences and thoughts. These notes and the memories of the conversations will be transformed in short accounts/stories that will be published in a self-edited publication.

Images of the performance:

About CDD...
CDD, Contrats à durée determinée, in english -fixed-term contract- will be a process based exhibit where us, the five artists…